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Kosher Catering Packages New York CityCatering is defined as ‘taking special pains to gratify another’s needs or desires.’ What could be more gratifying than the high quality, Kosher cuisine people have been raving about for nearly 40 years – Ben’s. From lunch in the corporate conference room to large ‘finally impress your mother-in-law’ family affairs, our culinary delights set a Ben’s party apart – apart from the fact that one call arranges it all.

The simplicity starts here, because The Kosher Catering Compendium is easy to use. You’ll find three categories:

• MUNCHING: What yuppies dubbed ‘grazing’ and high society calls ‘The Cocktail Party.’ Between us, it’s nothing more than a totally satisfying nosh.

• LUNCHING: Despite the name, a Ben’s ‘Lunching’ party will turn the most discriminating guest into a Ben’s buff any time of the day or night.

• DINING: Nothing short of a feast for both the mouth and eyes. They’ll be talking about this for days.

These categories let you mix and match our terrific tasting dishes including our award-winning pastrami, corned beef and homemade salads to your personal tastes. Everything is presented beautiful garnished. And, we can deliver it all, from coffee to soda, bar service to table service, even the help. The only thing we can’t provide are the guests.

So, if you want to throw the perfect party, throw you self into this, The Catering Compendium. Them call Ben’s and speak to one of our Catering Mavens.

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